Raymond Tallia | About

After more than 25 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Raymond Tallia entered the private workforce as the principal member of RJT Associates, Inc. Founded by Mr. Tallia in 1990, RJT Associates assists international companies in locating viable partners, with extensive research and analysis, for possible merger, acquisition, or joint ventures. In this regard, Mr. Tallia researched a possible joint venture partner for a financial services company. Part of the Fortune 50 group of companies, the client cancelled the planned venture in light of his research, sparing the client the extremely negative press that befell his “successful” competitor months later.

In addition to the due diligence services, Raymond Tallia and RJT Associates provide international clients with assistance in penetrating the United States market. He leverages an extensive list of contacts and colleagues he developed throughout his years as an FBI operative. For example, he collaborated with a former customs official to help guide a Spanish firm through complex U.S. customs regulations, saving his client millions in legal fees and customs’ duties.

Apart from his consultancy business, Raymond Tallia donates his time and expertise in auditing and background research to assist charities and governmental agencies that serve youths, adults, and families that are at risk or in need. Toward this end, Mr. Tallia earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of America. Additionally, he co-founded TNT Healthcare, a mental health clinic in College Park, Maryland, as well as a non-profit company called SDI which serves disadvantaged and indigent individuals.

Raymond Tallia’s Tallia’s fieldwork while in government service has been documented in in several books, including Body Mike, Brick Agent, and Monaco Special Police. He served on both domestic and international posts, including a special detail in the Executive Offices of the White House as well as diplomatic assignments in Europe.


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